The truth is out there? Crop circles hoax or intergalactic art?

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Crop circles have been appearing around the world since the 1970’s particularly in the UK. The big questions have always been. Why? How? Who?Image

And of course we get a wide range of answers to these questions, ranging from the supernatural, to a few guys with planks of wood, some string, and too much spare time.

Undeniably though, there is a fascination with a phenomenon surrounded with such ambiguity and mystery. However they came in to being, crop circles are essentially beautiful pieces of art, whether created by people, the wind or little green men.


The argument for the lack of human participation is that often the crops are cut in such a perfectly geometrical, and precise way that on such a scale it would be impossible to create, even with a plank of wood and some string.

But then of course, as much as the Sci-fi fan in me wants to believe this, firstly why would aliens, and so called higher forms of extra terrestrial intelligence, come all this way to vandalise some farmer’s fields in Wiltshire? And more to the point, why would they make a crop circle of Richard and Judy?


Art has been used in the past as a means of creating mystery, superstition and generally pulling everyone’s leg.

Take the example of ‘The Cottingley Fairies’, a hoax played by two teenage girls in 1917, where using cutouts of illustrations they’d done, and clever photography, they fooled the world in to thinking this was conclusive evidence for the existence of fairies.


I think the most plausible explanation is that the crop circles were made by humans from the future, who have developed the ability to time travel, explaining UFO sightings and humanoid portrayals of aliens. Did I say plausible? I meant I’ve been looking up to many conspiracy theories on the internet.

To wrap this up, here are some videos proving the existence of Bigfoot.


4 thoughts on “The truth is out there? Crop circles hoax or intergalactic art?

  1. Reminds me of the time I got abducted by aliens. Footage coming soon.

    Also, this is in the “meditation” category?

  2. that seriously diddnt help me at all IM DOING A REPORT ON CROP CIRCLES NOT ON PEOPLE FROM THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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