This weekend I have visited the most deprived place in the UK, Jaywick.

Jaywick is a small seaside village on the coast of Essex and is primarily made up of 1950′s temporary holiday buildings, after a great flood in the 60′s and alongside the rise in budget holidays Jaywick lost its glamour and appeal. Today stands nothing more than a shanty town, dilapidated chalets, decaying roads and mountains of rubbish. Children play dirty faced and bare foot along the sea wall as an old man bends over, ass crack showing from his worn out track suit bottoms to polish his rusting motorcycle. At first I felt uneasy and begun thinking of the quickest way to leave, until I spoke to a women. I asked her if she had a lighter after a few minutes of friendly conversation she asked me to keep it and wished me a good day. I began to notice how much everyone smiles and talks to each other, you can tell there is a real sense of community, the sad thing is that it is a community built mainly on despair. Everyone that lives there is either mentally ill, a drug addict, an alcoholic, a degenerate, a criminal or on the contrary
an OAP that’s living there for the nostalgia and overlooked gorgeous beaches.

I shall be documenting Jaywick over the next few weeks so there will be more to follow shortly.





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