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On Wednesday (17/04/2013) I went to the  PAN showcase at the Arnolfini and it was awesome. I have included links but the audio does no justice to how it sounds to hear them live. The PAN showcase was 4 music artists from PAN records that cross borders between sound art and modern dance music.

The evening started off with Rene Hell performing with a video projection (the only one of the night). His set was a great start to the evening. Very much grounded in sound art more than dance music there was a lot of audio feedback and scratching sounds. The video accompanying the audio was quite elegant. Slow motion video of various things from models falling over to vapor trails left by airplanes.

Next was Helm. The swelling bass and drones that helm produced were incredible. The entire room was shaking to such a degree that the front of an exit sign fell off (it was promptly put back). I was sat at the side of the room on a chair and my body was resonating from the sound. You could hear the audio evolving and changing. There was one point near the end when a swelling bass changed into a heavy bass hit that brought forward the imagery of a giant sledge hammer smashing the floor. Helm had slightly more of a dance element then Rene Hell.

After Helm was NHK’Koyxen. Much more centered in modern dance music NHK’Koyxen got people dancing. What I found most interesting about NHK’Koyxen’s set was the change in tempo he used to radically change the style of music.

Last was Lee Gamble. A nice way to end the evening. Most like modern dance music out of all of them, Lee Gamble had more melody to his music. After NHK’Koyxen got everyone on their feet Lee Gamble kept up the same spirit.

All in all I have a great time! Admittedly this genre of music isn’t for everyone. I have only recently come to enjoy it through working as a steward at Arnolfini and going to the music events there. I would encourage you if you have any interest in modern club music or sound art to try to catch a live show, I really enjoyed it.

– Charlie CT


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