Sunday Roundup




I’ve spent a few hours this weekend volunteering at the Arnolfini for the Weekend of No Returns. We had some activities for families to get stuck into in the Light Studio, including Legos, miniature bunting and personalised badges. The postcards that myself and other members designed were on display here, each corresponding to a different section of the Version Control exhibition. My one focussed on a video essay called The Pixellated Revolution about the use of compact and mobile cameras throughout the ongoing civil war in Syria. I took a piece of poetry written by Orwell whilst he was in the thick of the Spanish Civil War and censored it, perhaps like how someone in the Ministry of Truth might’ve altered a piece of art (de-Orwellisation, if you will.) The Dark Studio was redesigned so that kids would have to lead their blindfolded parents around, describing the various artworks on display. It seems fairly obvious to point out but there is an unfettered kind of creativity children display when given the chance to create or interpret artwork, something this weekend has highlighted.



I have recently been given a brief to organize and effectively explain a series of printmaking techniques throughout history in our own illustrated ‘printers manual’ at college to be complete over the easter holidays.

I have recently looked at the invention of the letterpress printer by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440 and similar early moveable type methods. The research into these wonderful printmaking techniques has opened my understanding to the capabilities of print.


I am currently looking towards alternative methods of printing without passing it through my laptop to an inkjet; however tempting it may be. Wonderful debossed effect created by the letterpress above.


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