TRON: Everything was Illuminated

Bristol, Cinema

I’m pleased to say that last night’s screening of TRON and the subsequent after party was a great success, at least in the eyes of the BFI Film Academy. We were delighted that so many people came along as this was something we’ve had in the works since January. Further thanks are due to DJ Guy Bartell (below), Hannah Higginson, Madeleine Probst and the rest of the Watershed staff that were kind enough to accommodate our event.


I looked forward to seeing the film on the big screen, an anticipation heightened after reading Bags’s insightful blog post on the legacy of TRON and cinema’s pervasive fascination with ‘Man v.s. Machine.’ Positively the most interesting aspect of watching TRON with a happily excitable audience is the reveal of oh-so obvious things you’d never seen before. The most memorable instance of this occurred whilst one character, dying in the arms of Flynn, orgasmically exclaims ‘Oh my User!’ This drew the kind of laugh that one can only read into one way, if you catch my drift. The Master Control Programme was almost immediately transformed from a psychotic computer intent on totalitarianism into a pantomime figure, with his nemesis Flynn protruding an effortless charm only Mr Jeff Bridges can provide.

Though Wendy Carlos’s score has always struck me as stiflingly offbeat, the inclusion of Bronnt Industries Kapital and This Is DA performing to specially tailored visuals certainly bridged the FILMIC theme of film + music that extra bit closer to our event. I’ve also learnt never, ever, to underestimate the appeal of PONG, which served as equally alluring an entertainment than any current generation console. If you didn’t leave at least partially blinded by glow sticks and/or dizzified by luminous liquor then you were doing something wrong. Thanks for everyone who came or helped out.


If you attended the event and would like to leave feedback, please comment below.

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