Mitch Payne – Elements


In keeping with my last post, I want to show off photography used in a much more creative sense than most people are used to seeing. Personally I think that far too often people write off photography as a tool to either document something or take photos that can then be used to work from/on. All be it a good way of working with photography, photography can hold a whole lot more potential when you start to think of it as just another tool or skill you can use to produce Images, not Pictures. The reason I like two draw a difference between the two words is not that they mean different things but when you start to look at photography with the same critique that you would use for paining, drawing or sculpture you start to come up with some interesting ideas!

Take the work of Mitch Payne for example. He is a photographer that is using the full potential of the camera not only just to take pictures, but to create images.

Take an idea as basic as the elements in the periodic table. The things then make up everything around us. Mitch Payne has managed to use photography to represent the elements in an abstract way and hasn’t just taken images of the elements themselves, for example a lump of tin for tin or gold for gold. Mitch Payne has conceptually represented the elemental through photography, not everything has to be literal with photography.

I just wanted to show you another one of my favorite photographers and hopefully get you thinking about photography in new ways! Go check him out, there is plenty of other cool things he’s done.

– Charlie C-T


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