SITE – mucking around with architecture since 1968


SITE (Sculpture in the Environment) is a architecture and design organisation, who use a combination of “green architecture” and installation-equse/site-specific ideas to create buildings which are functional despite their unusual appearances. I found them through their work in the 70’s and 80’s for Best Products Stores, where they created nine buildings, all of which started with the basic “big box” shop design, and subverted it in some way.


This building is the one that got my attention – The Notch Showroom in Sacramento, CA. This building’s corner has what, at first glance, seems to be a crack in the corner. This 45-ton cracked section in fact removes itself from the building, and becomes the main entrance – amazing!


This tilted building is also really impressive. The building was sadly demolished to build a Target instead…

Best Products is no longer running and I’m not sure how many of the stores designed by SITE are still standing, but these creations, made for simple shops are undeniably impressive.

– Grace


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