Bristol, Cinema


As part of the BFI Film Academy Bristol, we have been asked to host our very own event to tie in to the FILMIC festival celebrating film and music.

On March 22nd, we’ll be screening the original cult classic Tron (1982) and following this with an after-party of spectacular, neon proportions. In the bar, there will be a retro games area complete with Pong and arcade games. A DJ set from Bristol’s very own Bronnt Industries Kapital, plus a later performance from local rap artist ThisIsDA, serves as the soundtrack to the Friday night extravaganza. From 80s electropop to Daft Punk, we’ve got it all!

Come along in your very best fancy dress costume – whether it’s a morph suit covered with masking tape or a Marty McFly style bodywarmer, make-up artists will be on hand to immerse you into this cyber-heaven. A special prize awaits the best costume, or just show off your new futuristic look in our photo booth, followed by a blast from the past with our retro games. Honestly, what better way is there to kick-start your half term than with a landmark of 80s cinema and glow in the dark shot glasses?

And yes, the bar will be serving gin and tronic.

More info: Find us on Facebook.



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