Sunday Roundup

Cinema, Drawing, Music, Painting, Roundup

A collection of what we thought was best all week.

Charlie C-T:

An artist I stumbled across on Tumblr. Amazing drawings and paintings.

Jacob M:

Quite a while ago, I bought a new synthesizer (a Korg Microkorg), which I’ll admit to not having really used as much recently. So I’ve been trawling Youtube in search of musical inspiration, and I found this beautiful piece of music played on the same synth: 

Makes for really good Sunday-afternoon music.


While researching artists for my next project in the library, I discovered the artist Peter Callesen, who’s work is completley made out of paper. I still can’t get over how he does it!


Emma Blake M:

Rediscovered this song a few days ago and it has done nothing but make me feel elevated, contrary to the sad lyrics. So yes, it is a happy(?)-sounding sad song in a way.. 

The video is also bloody brilliant and artistic, props to how it all came out – definitely worth watching as well! Enjoy, enjoy!

Tom Beale:

I caught Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder last Thursday, and I still feel simply blown away by this astonishing work. Malick’s most difficult film, To The Wonder is constantly trying to make us see things through the curious eyes of infancy – to open our eyes and ears more than ever before. A camera naturally attracted to both moments imperceptible and acute alike, the editing is the real spectacle to behold here. Creating a cryptic poem may well have been Malick’s aim, but here he does oh-so much more than that. It visualises what Matthew Arnold called religion’s ‘melancholy, long, withdrawing roar.’ An immaculate sense of music, pace, memory, philosophy and psychology pervade this incredible film that I can’t wait to watch again.



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