Shambala – Festival Cravings


This week I’ve had flu, and blocked noses, fever and general disgusting illness has had me craving summer sunshine and my home from home; Shambala Festival.

I love this weekend due to the lovely people that attend, the relaxed atmosphere and the completely unexpected mix of visual art around the place. In particular the woods has a really interesting collection every year. Last year my highlights were the metal sculptures by Barry Lewis, a giant interactive jellyfish and a light show in the trees that made them look like they were melting together – amazing!!


As a general, I know I’m always going to have an amazing time here, and would recommend it for the visuals alone, you never know what you’ll find (last year I was serenaded by a male nun on a motorized mini grand piano), and if you don’t like surprises, the burn is always incredible:

For more of a summer hit, look at their photo gallery from last year, I can’t wait for this one!
– Grace

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