Drawing with the body

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Today I am quite sore. My muscles ache and I’ve been tired all day. The reason for this is a workshop I had yesterday at my foundation art course. The title of this workshop was “Drawing with the body” and it was all I knew about it before I turned up. I was half expecting to do some sort of relaxed hand painting like what I used to do in reception but no, I found myself sliding across the floor like Tony Orrico leaving a trail of graphite.

Here is a video of Tony Orrico in action, sadly I have no footage of myself doing this, but I will show a video later of some of the people in my class doing work inspired by Tony Orrico.

Watching this video I can imagine that your first reaction was to laugh. The video of him sliding along the floor is humorous until you try this for yourself. I have so much respect for this guy because he did this repeated action for 90 minutes pushing his body to the limits. I replicated this for about 5 – 7 minutes and I was done in! The sliding across the floor I admit is pretty fun, but making your way back to the wall is excruciating after about 10 slides. The graphite makes the paper all slippy and you use all your might to move about 1 foot back to your original position; it starts to seriously crush your spirit! You should definitely take a look at Tony Orrico’s Website he does some incredible work. The only thing that I don’t quite like about his work is how serious he looks all the time, but that’s minor.

Here is a short video of some of the stuff we did.

you can probably hear music in the background, that would be by Little Dragon.

We had an interesting discussion about weather the performance is essential to the work or weather it can stand alone as a drawing. Personally I feel the some of Tony Orrico’s work has such a beautiful outcome that it can be a standalone drawing, but knowing the effort and thought that went into making the images adds an extra dimension to the work. Tony Orrico creates his work in front of a live audience and always takes what he does very seriously, this harks back to art performances from Yives Klien and the “Happenings” that he put on. Klien would also take what he did quite seriously but unlike Orrico, Klien’s work always had an edge of humor or seduction or the down right absurd.

Anyway, I don’t want to go on for too long so I’ll end it here and maybe come back to the subject another time. It’s up to you to decide weather you think the performance is needed or not but it’s an interesting thing to think about weather the work would hold the same weight if it wasn’t performed.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoyed the video of our work.

Charlie C-T

if the videos didn’t load, here are the links. Tony Orrico-https://vimeo.com/23730493  My Video-https://vimeo.com/58470426 Yives Klien-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0mYZbYdIpU


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