Channel 4 have just released a new series – Utopia, which deals with how the UK’s surveillance system; one of the most sophisticated in the world, could be used and manipulated to track the public.

The focus is on a graphic novel known as The Utopia Experiments which contains the thoughts of a schizophrenic scientist who worked for the secretive organisation, The Network. One of my favourite aspects of the program is the C4 site – it appeals to my inner conspiracy theorist by backing up many of the programmes claims of dirty-dealings by higher powers.

Just to note, Utopia is graphically violent and not for the young or the squeamish; there was an incident with a spoon in the first episode that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry…

However, plot aside, lets focus on the visuals;ImageImageooooo




The colours!! And then there’s all the nice shots, like the man falling in the first episode (you need to just watch it)

Another thing which I found really interesting this week was this article on business cards – Houdini’s is my favourite.

– Grace


One thought on “Utopia

  1. Reblogged this on The thoughts of Cai Burton and commented:

    I was going through the Young Arnolfini and spotted this one. It’s on Utopia from when series 1 came out.
    It’s an interesting post because after watching (and loving) the series, I realise that its all true. The visuals in it are brilliant. Have a read!

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