For the first scheduled performance in Arnolfini’s 4 Days programme, PRESSURIZATION,  Heather Phillipson invites us onto an aeroplane of the imagination. Playful, experimental and always surreal, Phillipson plays the role of a captain giving us some bits of information and keeping others to herself. Colourful landscapes seen from a plane window are projected in front of her, with Edwin Burdis sat not too far behind acting as something of a wondering audience member, constantly interrupting her semi-serious thoughts. Between take off and landing, PRESSURIZATION takes us through the thoughts of a human being exercising ceaselessly, fantasizing about racing games, obsessing over nutrition information on the back of a packet of crisps and teasing us with ideas that aren’t so easy to shake off; she talks of the future and permeability of memory to a flashing black & white screen with a phone disconnect tone blasting out, then… back to Queen’s camp classic I Want To Break Free, and the colourful neverending workout. It all works so well because Phillipson and Burdis bring a delectably absurd sense of humour – a highlight being the former randomly styling her hair up into a bun. Or maybe it was all random. Or maybe none of it was. For a ten minute show, this was a hell of a carousel.

– Tom


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