Automatic Writing – an explanation


I’ve been using automatic writing in a recent project based around ideas of Protection, and when I tell people about this they often don’t quite understand. I thought I’d use this post to explain, and perhaps inspire others to give it a try.

When I say automatic writing I don’t mean going into a trance, or creating shapes which can be interpreted as words (which people often think I do). I mean writing solidly, and not stopping for a certain period of time. This results in a direct form of writing – the whole point is that you don’t think it through before, so no planning!!

The idea was introduced to me by an old english teacher as a method of creating dense description in stories; however, I use it to sort out my ideas. Automatic writing often has no punctuation, grammar and is not neat, so I find it ideal!

Tarantula by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s book Tarantula is often described as automatic writing, and having skimmed the first page of my friends copy, it seems similar to what I do.

A site I found really helpful is It gives you a different word each day and a minute to write about it. For example, todays word was Sound, and I wrote


rumbling softly in the distance the dansette vibrations tingly softly over drums as taught as a old skin. she smiles quietly and you can’t hear her but whispered through caresses are her words and meanings and thoughts

My other results are here.

In other news, my wish was granted and it has snowed! Yay!

– Grace C


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