Am I Alone?


Okay, so what do you think of when you hear read “Minecraft“?

I suppose if you’re like the millions of other people unlike me who instantly understood I meant this massive phenomenon and breakthrough in the gaming industry, then I’m guessing your first thoughts, like mine, involved thinking of dark places and lots and lots of coal …then after the mention of gaming, thinking of rundown unpopular-for-a-reason computer games (did RuneScape come to mind?) I bet your interest remained mediocre, maybe even dropped a little. But hey(!!) let’s not judge (especially you non-gaming girls out there) and how about we even gave this poor sucker a chance and actually had a go?

Well this is where the ever the optimist in me has got me: avoiding the game for over a month and counting.


How about we follow the few steps I took to get where I am…

1) a) Actually go and download Minecraft and play the game only knowing two things: you mine build minuild and craft (and let me know how your first night goes!)

b) BUT if you’re not as willing, how about checking out all the other crazy ways people enjoy Minecraft THEN inevitably downloading it

2) Get addicted and procrastinate like you’ve never procrastinated before

3) Become so affected by this game you’re willing to watch the whole of ‘Minecraft: The Story Of Mojang’ documentary

4) See all the incredible things people have created…

5) …and then avoid playing because you’ve never felt so inadequate, being proud of building a house so minute in comparison to the Michelangelo’s of Minecraft.

BUT I believe there’s hope. I may not be an aspiring architect, but I believe one day, with my boyfriends’ guidance, I may just be able to build something worth blogging about as inspiration to all those other people considering giving up on an exceptional game because of self doubt.

…or I am really alone and no one understands.

-Emma Blake M


7 thoughts on “Am I Alone?

  1. If more epic Minecraft knowledge is what you are asking for, than you should come over to! After all, nobody can be a super miner on their very first hour of gameplay!

    1. I reckon I definitely need more knowledge come to think of it.. although I think I was doing alright in general, but it’s just these damn amazing works of art D: will definitely be checking out the Daily Miner!

      1. I am playing the pocket edition (go try it if you want to), although very limited but still very fun. Been watching minecraft videos (mainly from the players in the Yogscast channel) in Youtube and it has already become my habit.

        Actually, I’ve set up a blog for the screenshots of the world I play in the P.E. but have not been updating it lately…lol…

  2. Oh wait pocket edition like the ones on phones? I’ve got that! Although I haven’t used it yet :/ but if it’s still worth it regardless I’ll try it out 😀

    That is a great habit nonetheless, does it fuel procrastination for you too?

    Ooh is there a link or something I can check it out with? It’d be great to see pictures 🙂

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