Julien Pacaud


I want to bring to light a photographer/illustrator that has been influencing me for a long time. You may have heard of the name Julien Pacaud but if reading the title is the first time you’ve heard his name then it’s definitely worth checking out his website (which I linked in his name).

Julien Pacaud has this incredible ability to merge images in a completely convincing manner. I’m a massive fan of old school science fiction such as Logan’s Run and I can’t help but get the same sort of feeling from Pacaud’s work that I get when looking at vintage sci fi film posters.

It’s hard for me to fully explain why I like his work so much, it just manages to pull together so many different elements and pass it off without looking to crowded, I guess it’s because of his use of perspective and composition. The muted colour and the textures in the images makes so pleasing to the eye and the straight lines contrasted against natural curves make the images so interesting. I always get lost asking questions about his work when looking at his work and then realize I have been sitting here for 15 minutes looking at the same image.

I suggest looking through his website at his online portfolio. Make yourself cup of tea, grab a delicious treat and have a good long look though his work, It’s well worth it! hopefully you can find as much inspiration in his work as I do.

Charlie C-T

The Fiasco that Lu isn’t


Lupe FiascoI’d like to point out that some of the songs I’ve linked below contain profanity so parental discretion is advised… but then again, it doesn’t matter, parents just don’t understand!

Even though 2012 didn’t mark the end of the world,  I still feel like we need to be saved, saved by superheroes. No, I don’t mean the type who touch the sky. I’m talking about those who inspire us to realise and reach our full potential and maybe give us a kick/push too with their cleverly put together words of wisdom and rhythm. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, hip-hop saved my life.

Anyway, enough of that “real talk”. As we’re still alive, I’d like to invite you around my way and share a big part of my life . I listen to a lot of rap music. One of my favourite rappers goes by the name Lupe Fiasco, originally from Chicago, Lupe has released four studio albums so far: Food & Liquor, The Cool, Lasers and Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 *exhales*.

If the instrumental of one of his songs