Blue Honey in France


Beekeepers in France had problems with their honey last year – it turned blue, creating really lovely looking honeycombs



Eventually they discovered that the bees, instead of feeding on nectar in plants were feeding on the candy shells from the nearby M&M factory, and after covering these the honey turned back to normal.

I am really liking blue and gold as a colour combination at the moment and loved the colour the shells created. When it was actually turned into honey its not so pretty but in the honeycomb it looks really beautiful with the hexagon structure. It reminds me of some work by Kiki Smith in her All Creatures Great and Small exhibition (I can’t find the pictures on the internet so I’ll scan some in later)

– Grace C


2 thoughts on “Blue Honey in France

  1. French consumer laws mean that honey has to have been produced naturally, so the farmers weren’t allowed to sell it until it was back to normal (I would have probably brought some otherwise!)

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