Things I like that mix with things I like


I Like video game. I like art. I like music. I like “Swords and Sworcery”, which I haven’t misspelled.

This game falls into the genre point and click which for anyone who isn’t in the know with gaming jargon it means that in this game you point, and click. The game-play may not be innovating but the storytelling is. The dialogue in the game is pretty basic but what makes it great is how the narrative is progressed by the art and music. The pixel-art is basic and effective and I can’t help but label it simply as “cool”. The music is sweeping and atmospheric. Everything in this game just fits; the simplistic art with atmospheric music and classic gaming.

There are parts which are relaxed, there are parts which are intense, there are parts which are funny and what surprised me most is that that are parts which are kind of scary. You don’t have to buy it to experience it, there are plenty of videos of people playing it as well as you can listen to the entire soundtrack for free on the link below. I don’t want to say much more because it’s really one of those things which is best to experience yourself. Even if you don’t like games, give it a chance

Muscians site –

Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.