My January Collage Challenge

Time for a little self-promotion and to share with you my recent cutting project from January. For everyday of January, I made a collage. Daily Cut  The whole purpose of doing this project was purely for me and my practice.

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Laura Reeves Workshop


A few weeks ago, artist Laura Reeves came to see us. She ran a workshop both with our group and a lovely handful of other young people. After hearing about Laura’s work, she set us the task to, using the alphabet,

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Young Peoples Festival of Idea’s: The Suppressed Majority?

YPFOIS Masculinity 2

What does it mean to be a modern man? Does being a man mean working 9-5 and bringing home the cash for your wife and kids? Does it mean hitting the gym until your body is chiselled? How about growing

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Miranda Whall’s Wise Words


Miranda Whall’s Passage is currently showing at the ICIA in Bath until Sunday 22 March. Passage is a surround sound installation about a journey taken by Miranda through Europe, Mexico and Thailand, showing no start and end, and has no

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25.02.15 Meeting


Here’s our latest group selfie from last week’s meeting. It may only be February but we’ve already got lots and lots planned for summer… Charlie (holding the camera) looks particularly pleased with our progress!   We also post about nice

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Muller Road


Excuse the photograph, but here’s something I snapped yesterday. The photograph was taken on my phone, and is of the underside of a bridge on Muller Road. I really enjoy the textures and colours in the photo, and the way

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Amsterdam: Cardboard or Coffeeshop?


  For two weeks now I haven’t been able to look at a discarded heap of cardboard without seeing some kind of lusus naturae piece itself together from the rubble and emerge as an animated being. Earlier this month I

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