Politics and Image – Labour’s Emily Thornberry

I woke up today to realise that perhaps politics is not all politics after all, fine I didn’t only just realise that but it’ll do as an opening. Anyway, Labour Shadow Cabinet MP Emily Thornberry has now resigned after making

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Mark Curtis Hughes

gaol ferry driftwood print copy2

Artist and printmaker Mark Curtis Hughes has the pleasure of kicking off a new series of artist interviews on the Young Arnolfini blog. Mark is currently studying in London to become an art teacher and graduated MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking at UWE

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Eden 4 Artist Lab Finishing Party

Eden 4

A few weeks ago I had the delight of attending Eden 4’s Artist Lab Finishing Party, and thought I would share some of the exciting work created during their week-long residency at Centrespace gallery. Rosie Dolton, Beckie Upton, Rachel Falber

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What is Architecture and why should I care?


I’m Co-curating an exhibition at The Architecture Centre aiming to get young people involved with architecture. This is hard, because to lots of young people, the world of architecture seems completely alien. Even to me, it conjures up images of

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Wanderings – Exhibition Video

Final Poster

From the 15th to the 29th of October 2014 Young Arnolfini’s Wanderings was on at Be-in Bristol, and for those of you who want to know what that looked like click here… //cameo.tv/c/n8mzj8dp/iframe …That’s a video link don’t you know,

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Another photo post from me, Fiona. I’m not sure whether this one is cheating within my series a tiny bit or not, as it doesn’t feel distinct to Bristol. Back in September I did some of the Doors Open Day

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‘Sub-Doodling’, press ups and Lady Gaga..


Cai, Emma and myself recently attended an arts conference at @Bristol, on Disability Led arts hosted by two organisations; the Bristol and Brighton Steering Groups. Designed to inform and inspire the public on disability within the arts today, the conference

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