Are blocks of flats really that ugly?

Tower block bristol

Everyone’s seen them. Look across the Bristol skyline and you’ll see several of them. Rising obtrusively from the ground. Tower blocks. Can you spot it? That ugly mass of concrete right in the centre of the image? A lot of

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Ode to a Poem

  (Man walks, in poetic fashion, down a hill) I’m new to this group, I like poetry. Poetry, the people’s game, the art of words arranged nicely and a lot of other things, why bring it up, why in this

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Young Arnolfini are Recruiting

YA Application Poster

Some big changes are coming for Young Arnolfini. We’re starting to work on some new projects and have got some big ideas. But to work on these ideas, we need some more members. Young Arnolfini are looking for young people

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Pixel Art


So when I say pixel art, I’m sure I immediately conjour images of mario and other characters from early nintendo games.. Or maybe even minecraft! Which is all well and good, but what I’m gonna show you is a little

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The streets of Portugal


On my recent trip to Portugal, I was fascinated by the cities there. The buildings all looked so old and ornate, and I couldn’t help but love them! After doing a bit of research, I found out that the style

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Children and creativity

Me visiting the Tate in St Ives and exploring what looks like some of Barbara Hepworth's work

After creating my last post on who art is for, it got me thinking about children and art – or more specifically, creativity. I was drawing with my sister, when I realised she actually had a lot of really creative

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Who is art for?


Jon Aitken recently wrote an article for Rife magazine sharing his thoughts on artist Jake Chapman’s statement that taking children to art galleries is a “waste of time“. Young Arnolfini – in case you hadn’t guessed – is a group

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